Thursday,January 15, 2009

The Male Orgasm

Despite what many women have been led to believe (wink, wink), the male orgasm is a complex mechanism and experience. Rather than to provide pleasure, the true functions of the male climax are to produce sperm (as in ejaculation) and, as famous sexologist Dr. Robert Kinsey once said to create “an explosive discharge of neuromuscular tension.”

Of course, not every male orgasm takes place with ejaculation. For example, pre-adolescents often experience climax without the release of ejaculate. Some men also report that they ejaculate a few seconds after orgasm. Others don’t ejaculate but still experience the tension and release that climax brings.

So, the male orgasm is not a one-size-fits-all concept although most men would probably agree that, as this anonymous source mentions, the orgasm is “a great endorphin rush, like after working out, but better.

The cycle of the male orgasm is relatively simple. During the ‘excitement phase’, a man’s nipples get hard, his respiration and blood pressure increase. He will have an erection and there will be an increase in size of the shaft and the testicles (Note – this testicular increase is known as tumescence). The testicles will also elevate slightly.

Secondly, there is a ‘plateau’ phase. At this juncture, the tip of the penis and the testicles will grow more. The testes will elevate more. There may be a purplish tinge to the corona (the circular area at the base of the tip) as well as hyperventilation. A man may even emit pre-cum.

Next up is the ‘orgasm phase’ itself. At this point, a man will emit and ejaculate. Emissions refer to the sperm and fluid which are expelled from the vas deferns, seminal vesicles and prostate gland. There will also be muscle rigidity before the release. Blood pressure and heart rate increase even more.

Ejaculation is imminent.

During ejaculation the sphincter of the bladder closes tightly. There are rhythmic contracts of the prostate, shaft and perineal area. This propels the semen forward. Most men report a feeling of bliss or an ‘altered state of consciousness’.  One feels sort of “disconnected” from his body.

Finally, there’s a resolution period in which the male will lose his erection. The testicles will decrease in size and width and his scrotum will no longer be engorged. Blood pressure and heart rate reduce to normal levels.